August 15, 2012

Restroom Access Bill Passed!

It's been a while since I've posted but the big news is that the Restroom Access Bill (HB-2366) has passed in Massachusetts!  My father and attorney (and now president of CCFA New England BOD), Stephen Marcus, played a large role in implementing this bill.  With numerous e-mails to our Team Intestinal Fortitude team, he rounded up the troops in making the calls and spreading the word about this bill.  Various other members, both on Team Intestinal Fortitude or friends, made an impact in getting this passed.  Jonathan Rutley and his daughter as well as Ally Bain (who passed this in the first state in the US and has the goal of passing it in all 50 states) played huge roles in helping getting this passed in MA.  There were many other people who played a big role and I thank everyone who helped get this passed.  You can read more about the passage in the below link and also in the two previous blog posts.


Since I last posted a lot has happened.  Team Challenge New England went to Virginia and California for wine country half marathons.  I went to the Virginia one which was a blast and everyone on Team Challenge enjoyed the experience.  This year was a really fun and close group and I enjoyed every step of the way, especially race weekend. 

For Team Intestinal Fortitude, we've been taking it pretty easy lately.  The last big event we had was the poker tournament which was a huge success.  I was unable to attend due to Commencement eve but heard great things about the event and thank Tim Savard, Walter Mirrione and the rest of the organizational crew as well as Knights of Columbus Easton for putting together this 2nd annual event.  I'd also like to thank Jim Messinger and Crazy Chefs for generously catering this event.  This should do it for big fundraising ideas for Team Intestinal Fortitude for 2012 and we are excited for Las Vegas on December 2nd.

Another organization is in it's early stages: the Young Professionals Group.  We are trying to organize a Flag Football tournament at Gillette Stadium for this upcoming fall.  Team Challenge New England Regional Director, Rob Harris, has started the group and we are excited for this event.  The exact details haven't been specified yet but we're looking for October 2012 (most likely when the Pats are not at home or we'd probably get in the way a bit).  There is a similar event in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium for CCFA.  This event should be a blast so start spreading the news.  Myself, Rob, Brian Teague, Haley McCole and Kaily Nash have been progressing with confirming everything for this event.  More details to follow.

EDIT: The event will be on October 27th, 2012 (the usual inhabitants of the field, the New England Patriots, will be in London).  The event will start at roughly 10:30-11:30am with registration.  Teams are made up of 8-12 players with at least two female players per team.  The funraising requirement for the group will be $3,000 (roughly raise about $300 per person).  It will be 7 vs. 7 flag football on the field at a time with a round robin format (prizes to top two teams as well as top fundraising team) and there will be professional referees.  18 minute timeslots and you will receive team shirts.  There will be spectator tickets for people who will not be playing ($125 per person 16yrs+, $50 15yrs+).  So you can participate by purchasing the spectator tickets, forming your own team, or sponsoring a team.  There will be a meet and greet with an Alumni Patriots player, a private tour of Gillette Stadium, Game day snacks (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, corn dogs), Concession stand (full cash bar), and a dinner reception.  Contact myself at jake.marcus2@gmail.com or Kaily Nash (knash@ccfa.org or 781-449-0324 x3) if you are interested!

As far as running, I have been prepping for the New York City Marathon for 2012.  I will look to build up to 80 miles per week and also will seek to do the Hartford Half Marathon in preparation for this race.  I'm feeling pretty fit already and am hoping to conquer a personal record.  After NYC, Team Intestinal Fortitude will head to Vegas on December 2nd.  I will likely do the half marathon, last year I participated in the full marathon and finished around 2:59, which was a pretty tough race (even though it was relatively flat). 

I'd also like to announce the addition of Haley McCole and Matt Gaines to Team Intestinal Fortitude!  Both are young employees at the Law Offices of Marcus, Errico, Emmer & Brooks.  They both played HUGE roles in the passage of the Restroom Access Bill.  Haley joined MEEB this year.  She has also been helping out with our organization by being a big part of the Young Professional's Group and also organizing a few teams for the wiffle ball tournament we held at Stonehill in April.  Matt has been helping along the way since our inception in 2010.  Matt has ties with Massachusetts government officials so was able to help a lot with the logistics of the Restroom Access Bill.  We are happy to add them to our group and look forward to planning events with our growing but tight knit group.

Until next time, stay classy.


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