March 31, 2012

2nd Annual L O C O Event

Inaugural Wiffle Ball Tournament
Inaugural Wiffle Ball Tournament
By: Jake Marcus

Hey everybody, I"ve been super busy so haven't been able to post, but we had our L O C O event a few weeks ago.  Even though last year's inaugural event was great, this one may have been better.  We met capacity in attendance as Jim Messinger and the staff did an excellent job with food and drinks.  Carol Lang, Carol Augustyniak, Brenda Contois and my grandparents worked like crazy to get the over 50 auction/raffle items ready.  Needless to say, it was a memorable night.  When all was said and done, we ended up raising over $40,000!  That put our total up over $90,000, and better than where we were last year at this point.

With the L O C O event behind us, we have already had a raffle event at Independent Liquors in Easton last night.  They generously had a wine tasting event and allowed us to have a raffle which raised a few hundred dollars.

Next on tap is the Wiffle Ball Tournament.  This will be held at Stonehill College and should be a fun event.  I hope to raise awareness amongst the college age bracket and also have a good time playing old-fashioned wiffle ball in the process.  The event is April 29th and you can sign up at by going to our homepage and clicking the Wiffle Ball tab.  It should be a great event.

Another big event coming up is the Poker tournament on May 19th.  This is also available on the home page.  There is a regular table and high stakes table for $100 buy in and $1,000 buy in.  Drinks and food will be available.

For my training, I now have just over two weeks until the Boston Marathon.  I am getting into better shape every week but the taper should start up this coming week.  I built up to 22 miles for a long run (2x) and did 20 last week and 18 this week.  My high school coach, Neil Levine, has been a great help as my coach for this marathon.  I went to the race last year as a fan and am amazed by the energy.  Every week so far I've done my long runs near Boston College and the amount of people increases each time.  The energy is great as people are very supportive of each other out there and I can just imagine how crazy it gets on April 16th.

As mentor for Team Challenge, the New England team has also been improving greatly.  Every team in my life has been different and this one is a good one.  Everybody enjoys being there bright and early on Saturday mornings and it's been nice to meet all the people so far.

That's about it for now but I look forward to writing again after my marathon.  We may have some more good news regarding a member of Team Intestinal Fortitude but I don't want to announce it until it's official.  Thanks everyone.


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