November 4, 2011

Holiday Season Preparations

L O C O Event March 13th, 2012
L O C O Event March 13th, 2012
By: Jake Marcus

So as we pass Halloween and heads towards Thanksgiving, Team Intestinal Fortitude Inc. is busy as ever.  Let's get to it...

First and foremost, what I am most excited about is the CCFA event in Vegas where myself and committee members/friends Brian Teague, Alix Marcus, and Tiffany Ko will all be toeing the lin.  After a week off, I am back to serious training and this time around I will be doing hard workouts with not as long, long runs.  Seeing as the race is about a month away this makes sense because I already have a solid base.  I did 6x800 with a mile to finish it off, I did the 800's around 2:35-2:40 pace which was fairly easy and did the final mile at about 5:14 which was a little tougher, but it's good to be doing workouts.  I am also planning to do the 5-mile turkey trot on Thanksgiving in Easton and I highly recommend this race to everyone.  I am officially registered for the marathon thanks to the help of our great endurance manager, Alison Rosenfeld.  Thankfully, the marathon starts at 4pm and the half-marathon starts at 5:30pm so if everything goes according to plan I will be able to see my sister Alix, Tiffany, and Brian all finish the race which will be so great to see.  I'm really proud of them and all of their training.

Speaking of being proud of people, I am so so proud of my father Stephen Marcus, who has Crohn's disease and is the reason for Intestinal Fortitude's inception.  The first unofficial fundraiser was called "Biggest Loser CCFA" (weight loss program, not seeing whose the biggest nerd because my dad would definitely win that, [joking]).  This had my dad go against a great friend and committee member, Doug King, to see who could lose the most weight.  After a couple months of intense dieting for each (and I saw at a Patriots tailgate when there was tension between the two as neither was eating anything) they cumulatively lost about 50 pounds!!  My dad ended up winning, by losing about 30 pounds.  I'm so so proud of you both and in the process with a few side bets in between, this raised $6,200!  Keep it up through the holidays guys!

This also inspired my friend and committee member, Stephen Ivanoski to start planning out a biggest loser on a smaller scale with some college buddies.  Ivo also had the idea of increasing activity on the Facebook page, especially amongst those close with the organization to start a forum.  This is a big idea as social media is huge right now and improving our reach would help big time.  Recently, we added a twitter account (follow us IntestinalFortitude @run4crohns) and we also added a LinkedIn group at http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Intestinal-Fortitude-4158352?gid=4158352&mostPopular=&trk=tyah so check that out too.  We are looking to increase reach so please give us some ideas and spread the word as we are considering other websites as well.

In two weeks from now, Brian Teague will be holding a huge fundraising event.  The event will take place at McFadden's Bar in Boston.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself (and tip the bartender).  Brian will be giving all proceeds from tips to Team Intestinal Fortitude.  This is a great bar so if you have plans on that Friday and are in Massachusetts, kindly cancel them and show up to McFadden's.  I'm in New York that weekend but am going to try my best to show up.

The L O C O event is being discussed in more detail as the poster for the event is in this blog.  Please give some feedback on what you think of the poster.  Also, buy tickets soon because last year it sold out quick and was a great event.  Jonathan Adams had a great idea to try and get corporate sponsorship so we are working on that.  Volunteers are definitely encourage and thank you to those who have already reached out.

Also, the poker event has been set for May 19th, 2012 at Knights of Columbus in Easton.  This was a great event and we're looking to make it even better this year, so please spread the word about this as well!

We have a Intestinal Fortitude meeting on November 14th where we will discuss details on all of these.  We also expect to send out the big fundraising letter around Christmas so keep your eyes peeled on that.

That is about all for now.  I expect possibly one more blog before the Vegas race which should be epic but if it's not before Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  We sure have a lot of people to thank this year!


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