October 22, 2011

ING Hartford Marathon

By: Jake Marcus

Last week, I completed my second marathon.  I felt great, but didn't run as fast as last time.  I was a minute and a half away from my first marathon although, from the turnaround point at mile 17 to the finish, the headwinds were vicious.  Even though they say there is a mental wall at mile 20 of every marathon, I felt like I hit a wall as the wind was very tough to get through.

Anyways, I took it really easy the week before and then took a bus on Friday.  My friend from college, Nick Campbell, goes to University of Hartford post-grad and I met up with him as we went to the race expo and pasta party.  We met a man who was 4 states away from running a marathon in all 50 states, which is something that I may look to pursue as it would be cool to see all the places in the U.S.  Afterward, we went to the hotel in Wethersfield and I got an ok night of sleep but my toes kept cramping which woke me up.  I woke up in the morning, ate a banana and granola bar, stayed hydrated and suited up for the race.  

The race site was much more chaotic than my first marathon.  However, we found my parents and grandma Enid as well as a surprise with my puppy Digby and Natalia.  It was nice to see everyone and then I went over to the start line.  I made sure to go out slower than my first marathon.  I felt great running in a pack and then with another guy and it was cool to see a lot of bands along the course.  At mile 13 I saw Nick, my parents, Enid, and dog.  I felt great until the half way point but got a second burst of energy in the last mile and was pumped to see my parents, Nick, my friend Duncan Payne and my friends Jordan Medeiros and Caroline Gennaro.  

Here are my race splits:
6:10 1:23:28 for 13.1 Miles Half-Marathon
8:27 (1.2 miles 7:03 pace)
2:51:11 (6:32 pace) 28th place (4th in age group)

I thank everyone who has supported me.  It was so satisfying to see my friends, my parents and my grandmother who is turning 85 in November but has made it to many of my races.  Despite so many people and windy weather, she waited about 3 hours for me to finish.  It is because of all of you that I am able to wake up early in the morning or run after work and class as late as 11PM and is what kept me moving forward in those dreadful last 9 miles. 

At this site you can find a finish video and results: http://www.ctnow.com/about/hartford-marathon/results/ and at this site you can find photos: http://www.capstonephotostore.com/searchresult.php I was bib number 1658.  This race also gave splits for 13.1, 17, and 20 mile directly to my facebook page which was pretty cool.

I'm already looking forward to the next marathon.  I'm thinking of doing the full marathon in Las Vegas, which I read is an optional upgrade the day before the race, but we will see.  If not, Boston Marathon is the next one.  I am in discussions with my high school coach, Neil Levine, to possibly coach me as I have been fairly inconsistent with workouts.

This week was also big for Intestinal Fortitude.  We had two meetings as we will look to legally incorporate Intestinal Fortitude, which would now be called Team Intestinal Fortitude, Inc.  We would have a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 7-8 Board of Governors.  We set this year's goal which will be $75,000.  We aren't sure if we'll hit last year's total but do want to repeat as top fundraiser.  We all set a few more goals and discussed possible events.  We also set the L O C O fundraising event date for March 13th, 2012.  We're looking for more volunteers for all events as we are also seeking to make the the Poker tournament even better this year.  This year we definitely want to increase awareness.  I am already looking to set up a basketball tournament in Easton at Stonehill and in Boston with the help of my Boston friends.

We are looking forward to a big year.  Thank you everyone for supporting Team Intestinal Fortitude and thanks again for the support in the marathon.


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