September 9, 2011

Ramblin' (wo)Man by ALIX

By: Alix Marcus

 When I signed up to run with Team Challenge, I was at a much more stable place in my life. I was in the groove of being back in Boston for a couple months with a full schedule of teaching and dancing, along with doing the individual training, group runs, meetings, kick-offs, and all that other fun stuff that goes along with signing up to complete a ½ marathon . Did I mention the marathon is in Vegas? How sick is that? Therein lies the real reason (Dad, you were a close second ;)) I was able to make the transition from complete, C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E, non-runner to first time ½ marathon attempter. Yet, since those first couple of weeks my life has not had such a beautifully stable, daily rhythmic tone to it. As most of you know I picked up and moved across the country with my girlfriend to the fine city of San Francisco. From the day we decided we would be making this move together, I had been nothing but excited as I daydreamed of life on the West coast. It wasn’t until 2 or 3 days prior to leaving for SF that this impending doom washed over me. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t allowed myself to feel anything but excitement up until that point, but it was an overwhelmingly upsetting couple of days to say the least. Many late nights (2-3 to be exact) were spent with a bottle of Jack (Makers) and some old prescriptions from my beloved sedation dentistry people.  My mom’s going to kill me for saying that, but my point is, I just couldn’t shake the moving jitters, and anyways, that was a gross exaggeration of how I attempted to curb my moving anxiety. Fast forward to me in San Francisco for a couple of days and ABSOLUTLELY LOVING IT. Love, love, love, love, LOVE. Of course with moving there’s always a sense of duplicity. After the initial moving in, fun/tedious, apartment/neighborhood exploration stuff, I’m in a place where I’m desperately missing working, teaching, and quite simply, just having a full schedule.  “This too shall pass” is my daily mantra. And things are already looking up! I have an interview next week with a San Francisco based non-profit organization, which I don’t want to talk too much about because I’ve suddenly become superstitious, but their cause is great and if there’s any good news you’ll be the first to hear of it. Coincidentally, I first realized I was most certainly NOT on the East coast when I had my initial phone interview with the founder of the aforementioned organization. I put on my most adult-like, professional , interview phone voice , and dude was like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Ya’ know, Sean Penn’s character……you’re too young.

But that’s neither here nor there. I suppose I’m painting a picture of what my heads been filled with, and how it affects my running or even my overall feelings about the upcoming marathon day to day. Today is the first day, since 2 weeks ago, that I’m going to run. I know, I know, I have a ½ marathon coming up in something like 12 weeks?? WHAT AM I DOING?? Right, that’s what you’re thinking? Well let me assure you, before my move I was dancing, moving, and grooving from 9-9 almost every day. So if I have to do a series of shuffle-ball-change- kick-step-jazz hands to cross that damn finish line, you better believe it’s gonna happen! OH, brilliant idea.. since my mom’s been pushing for me to organize a flash mob to gain awareness for CCFA, how disruptive would one be right before the finish line? Runners are so serious with their little “times” anyways. It’s about time they lighten up and sashay across that finish line..it’ll be for a good cause! But I digress. So today I’m going to attempt 3-4 miles with Tiff at Golden Gate Park (Jealous? Of the locale, not the 3-4 miles), then tomorrow is my first day training with Team Challenge SF chapter!! Couldn’t be more excited to meet everyone and establish some sort of network out here with wonderful, new CCFA/Team Challenge people. But Team Challenge New England, you know you have my heart. Our time together was short, but it was oh-so meaningful. And from what I understand, Kerri-Ann has been making muffin baskets for morning, team runs?!?! Yep, you can just Fed-ex those over to 399 San Jose Ave San Francisco, CA 94110, thankyouverymuch. I enjoy a nice lemon poppy, but corn or blueberry will do just fine. But seriously, the New England team is so awesome and I can’t wait to be reunited with you guys in VEGAS!! Y’all are the reason I’m doing this in the first place (special shout out to our beloved Ali Rosenfeld, who is by far the BEST endurance manager Team Challenge could ever ask for).  So as I officially start my training, send all that good vibe and energy bologna my way, and I’ll be sure to do the same for all my loves left behind on the east coast. Until then, have a “hella” good weekend J


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