August 25, 2011

Member Completes Half-Ironman

Committee Member, Duncan Payne, finishing the Timberman 70.3 half-ironman
Committee Member, Duncan Payne, finishing the Timberman 70.3 half-ironman
 I'd like to start this week's blog by recognized a new committee member, Duncan Payne.  Duncan has been training very hard over the past few months for a half-ironman.  This Sunday, he completed the 70.3 mile event (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) in New Hampshire in 6 hours, 17 minutes.  It was great to see him cross the line.  He also raised over $5,000 for the Pat Tillman Foundation and has tons of determination.  He has inspired me to do an ironman sooner than I expected.  I've always told myself it'd be a life goal and if time opened up I may do it.  However, now I will definitely make time to do it while I am still young.  It is great to have him on our committee and even better to have as a friend.  Congratulations Duncan!

My training since I last wrote has also increased drastically.  I am officially up to 21-miles for my long run.  This is way better than my last marathon training where I only got one run over 20 miler before the race.  However, I already have two and still have a couple months.  Again, I'm still not definitely doing this race based on my busy fall but the training feels right for now.  My workouts have been pretty subpar.  Falmouth didn't go as well as expected and I tried doing a 3x2-mile workout but had to drop out.  I think it's just the heat and am not overly worried about it because the long runs have made up for it and that is essentially most important.  

Tonight, my family went to the Team Challenge kickoff meeting.  It was great to meet some of the other participants that will be going to Las Vegas in December.  My sister and I are officially signed up for what will be a great weekend.  I've never been to Vegas but after seeing some new and some familiar faces, I'm sure it will be everything it is built up to be.

I also wanted to announce the addition of two more members to Intestinal Fortitude.  Brenda Contois and Torrey Browne have been added.  Both great people and we are happy to continue expanding the committee.

Our committee has been a mix of active and relaxed in this downtime.  We are not doing our most serious fundraising yet so just basic goals have come up.  We will look to do a poker tournament in November as a sendoff for the Vegas race and to make sure we are all set with covering the minimum fee.  We have a few other plans under our belt that are somewhat ambitious which I will discuss later if it goes according to plan.

Have a great day everyone.


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