June 1, 2011

Yard Sale, Poker, and Half Marathon

It's been awhile since I've updated you guys so I'll give everyone a rundown of what's been going on...

First and foremost, I want to thank my mom, Carol Augustyniak and Raegon Avidon for coordinating the yard sale.  My mom put a message on facebook thanking other volunteers:

"The Yard Sale fundraiser for "Intestinal Fortitude" was a wonderful success!!! Thanks to all of my fun and funny volunteers... Raegan, Enid, Harriett, Joan, Carey, Cassidy, Kris, Jimmy, Jake, Sean (tent man!), Digby (just for being cute), and the wonderful Mr. Ravidon who volunteered his professional photograhpy skills. Wow. So talented."
The yard sale had a lot of doubters as a waste of time.  However, due to all the donations of "stuff" to giveaway it was a huge success.  The two day event pulled in over $2,000!   Usually, yard sales are lucky to pull in a couple hundred dollars so this was huge.  Big thanks to everyone who helped out.

We are approaching the final month and a half until my last race for Team New England this season.  We had a lot of ideas planned out but have decided on a poker tournament to be the final event.  The main organizers are Tim Savard, Walter Mirrione, and Richard Brooks.  Our honorary chairperson will be Timmy Wright.  Timmy and his mothr, Kouri, have been a huge inspiration to all of us.  To read more about their story checkout this link

Boston Herald Article

Anyways, the poker tournament will be on June 17th.  We currently have about 40 people and are looking for more.  Catering will be done by Mario's Restaurant of Easton, MA.  If you haven't donated already, here is a fun chance to be involved with the historical fundraising effort.

My final shoutout is regarding the Loudon County, Virginia wine country half marathon this weekend.  This will be the second to last race before the July half marathon in Napa, California.  Due to ankle issues after the marathon, my training has not even been close to what I've wanted.  I haven't had a week of more than 25 miles since early March.  Myself and committee members Brian Teague and Alix Marcus will be roadtripping down either late Thursday night or early Friday morning.  This should be quite the weekend as Intestinal Fortitude will be honored as the best fundraiser of all-time for CCFA at the pasta dinner on Friday night.  There will also be wine at the finish line and an after party.  Really looking forward to it, even though the race will be miserable based on my lack of training so far and the Virgina heat.

Before I leave you, I wanted to give a shoutout to Stephen Ivanoski.  He's going to be coming with us to the Napa, CA half marathon.  He's been training hard and has also been vocal with fundraising to help the cause.  He's under the Intestinal Fortitude umbrella so feel free to throw some donations his way.

Again, thanks for all the support.  I'll report back after the half marathon but please don't expect too much!  Regardless it will be a magical weekend.


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