May 6, 2011

New Member to the Team

So things have been pretty slow lately but there is some big news coming in.  My best friend since high school, Stephen Ivanoski, will be running in the Napa-Sonoma half marathon on July 17th.  He will be starting his own fundraising campaign to help out with Intestinal Fortitude.  Among my family, there was intitial hesitance to allow another member, but among the committee it was unanimous to get him on board.  I will be giving him advice on fundraising and training him for the big half-marathon. 

Just as a background... he was a star linebacker/lineman on the Oliver Ames football team so he's not in the best long distance running shape.  But we will get him there.  Welcome aboard, Ivo!

Also, I will now be competing in the Virginia half-marathon on June 5th.  They have the big pasta party where they award the top fundraiser so that will be exciting to be awarded as not only the top fundraiser but also the best ever.  Good stuff.  Myself, and committee members Brian Teague and Alix Marcus will be driving down for that weekend to represent Team Intestinal Fortitude well.  The only downside is with finals and everything I've been very busy so my running has been lacking.  Don't expect even my marathon pace next month.  Hopefully it won't be too bad though as I'll get a solid few weeks in.

As far as fundraising, where at a bit of a slow stretch.  The yard sale is still in the works as my loving mother, Carol Augustyniak, and Raegan Avidon are leading the charge for that.  Should be a great event so be sure to get donate any of your "stuff".  This will occur on May 21st at 2 Pout Rock Road in North Easton, MA.  After that, our fundraising will round up.  Amazing that this is almost over....


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