February 28, 2011

One More Week

This past week was all about boosting our fundraising efforts and thinking of unique ways to do so.  Our national effort has been of great support with most donations coming out of state as we approach 60k.  The younger group, which will travel to Virginia for the half marathon in June, of myself, Alix Marcus, Tiffany Ko, Brian Teague and Jimmy Anastasi began to contact national corporations.  We are also planning events like bake sales, basketball/volleyball tournaments, and pub crawls to boost our efforts.

This post is labeled "one more week" because my debut marathon is this Sunday, March 6th in Severna Park, Maryland at 7:30 am.  I leave for D.C on Friday with my parents, committee co-chair Jon Adams, and donor Andy Koines.  There is a race expo on Saturday and committee members, Brian Teague, Tiffany Ko and Alix Marcus will travel down on Saturday.  Some of my Stonehill friends and friends from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy may also be making the trek down to see the race.

These last two weeks of training are important to taper and stay healthy.  This week was not a good sign for the latter.  On Tuesday I had a bit of a sore throat.  That went away but then my left foot began to bother me.  That went away and then my right ankle felt funky.  Right now I am just focusing on getting rid of these little pains.  I ran easy everyday besides my final interval workout of 6x2:00 minutes on Wednesday.  I also took Friday off which was my first day off since New Year's Day.  On Saturday, I ran with Team New England CCFA at DW Field Park in Brockton.  I ran with one of the guys up front and it was nice to see a lot of my teammates.  Alison Rosenfeld, director of Team New England also gave me the uniform that I will wear on Sunday.  I bought some orange racing shoes this week and luckily the uniform is also orange.  She also gave me CCFA shirts for my mom and dad.

This last week will be easy. Also, don't forget to get your tickets for the L O C O event on March 22nd if you're interested as tickets are selling fast.


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