February 20, 2011

Mental Fortitude

Another week passes by and another week of excitement.  I'll start this week off by updating on the fundraising effort.

The big news is that according to our numbers we are officially above the $50,000 mark.  There may be a discrepancy between our numbers and CCFA's so we'll sort that out towards the end (not sure if it's higher or lower than what they say).  Ticket sales have also begun to pickup for the L O C O event so that is exciting for what will be a great event.  The New England Patriots also donated a Fred Taylor autographed football which increases the quality and quantity of items. 

My parents and I also were interviewed by Stephanie Weinstein for the "Easton Dig", so that will air on Easton local television.  Other big news is that committee member, Tiffany Ko, is planning to run the 13.1 half marathon in June and met with Allison of CCFA to discuss fundraising to increase Intestinal Fortitude's amount.  Also, other young committee members, Alix Marcus, Brian Teague, and Jimmy Anastasi will likely run or walk in the event as well.

Also, shoutout to committee members, Enid and Arnold Marcus who are celebrating there 61st anniversary!

Running this week was the most crucial week as it was three weeks away and the last hard week.  I started with an easy 2 hour long run which covered 16 miles (took slow after tough half-marathon time trial).  I did 60 minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday with easy 45 minute runs on Friday and Sunday.  On Wednesday I did a 6xmile workout on the track with drop down splits of 5:40, 5:35, 5:32, 5:26, 5:15, 5:18 and felt pretty good.  The highlight of the week was Saturday with a day trip with my coach, Tim Catoggio, to the Martha's Vineyard 20-mile road race.  Most people used this as a tune-up for the Boston Marathon.  Tim told me to take it 6:40 pace for first 10, then goal marathon pace for next 10 (6:30 pace).  However, I felt great and this was a great tune up.  Here were the splits even though it was a windy day and I made a wrong turn at mile 10 which probably cost me 15-20 seconds:

6:38 (wrong turn)
Overall 2:05:02 (8th place overall)

Results: http://coolrunning.com/results/11/ma/Feb19_Martha_set1.shtml

I can't believe how comfortable it felt.  I didn't feel tired until the last mile or so and I think this is a great tuneup for the marathon.  My feet definitely hurt afterwards though from the pounding.  Tim gave me some great advice (Tim also finished 3rd in 1:59:00 so congratulations to him as well): He said not worry about the rough patches during the race because those do pass and even though the finish seems far away it will be over eventually.  The other great advice which reminded me of intestinal fortitude was that he called these types of races a test of "mental fortitude".  I couldn't have said it better myself, it's mentally fatiguing at points, more than physically. 

On the ferry ride and drive back to Stonehill we discussed our goals.  I mentioned how my goal was sub-3:00 hours and to qualify for Boston and anything at 2:50 or under would be great.  However, after the string of workouts I have put together I think 2:45 is definitely attainable.  He thinks 2:40.  Regardless, my goals have increased dramatically over the past couple months and I think I can definitely hit my original goal.  Hopefully I have that mental fortitude in two weeks. 

Currently two weeks away from marathon day and I feel great.  I am ready.


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