January 30, 2011

First Race since 2009

This past week was a fantastic week of training.  I'm currently five weeks away from my first marathon and am getting more and more excited every day.  I haven't been this excited for training in a very long time.  The fundraising especially makes it exciting as we are within a few more checks of our goal of $35,000.  Now that it's a national effort we expect to completely destroy this goal.

This week of training was especially great because it included my first race since September 2009.  And after this race I felt like I was in better shape than I was back in 2009.  I ran a 5 kilometer at Boston University's track.  My time of 16:13 was a personal record, topping my former best 5k of 17:02 in 2008 during an outdoor race.  The purpose of this race was to get a solid workout out in while also becoming more acclimated to races.  I definitely am not race-keen because even though my lap splits were nearly all the same, I think I left too much energy for the end as I didn't feel fatigued until the final few laps.  Anyways, I'll keep working on that and the race video can be seen here:

Race Video

The rest of the week included some easy runs of 80 minutes and 50 minutes and also a 3x2000meter repeat workout.  This workout felt tough because I did it early in the morning and hit splits of roughly 7:25, 7:10, and 7:02.  I have to start getting used to running early in the morning though because the marathon on March 6th will be at 7:30am.  I also did a 19 mile run today in 2 hours 15 minutes.  So, right now my legs are EXTREMELY sore taking into account the race yesterday and today's long run.

Make sure to tune into the local Easton TV station as me and my dad will be discussing the fundraising efforts on Stephanie Weinstein's show.  We don't know the date it will air yet but I will keep you updated.  Other exciting news is that we will hopefully be in the local newspapers soon to spread the word.  We are currently working on doing that.  Our next committee meeting is this Thursday and we hope to finalize some more details, especially regarding the event on March 22nd.  The event is becoming more and more crazy as we expect many incredible auction items.  The food and drink included in the price will also be fantastic.

So that's where we all stand now and everything is great.

Until next time, peace.


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Stephen Marcus on February 5, 2011 4:23 PM
Thanks for all of the updates Jake-you are doing great.  Since when are 80 and 50 minute runs "easy" runs.  we topped our goal this week and have raised over $44,000.  The generosity of everyone has been overwhelming.

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