January 18, 2011

Good Week with Bitter End

We have had another successful week of fundraising and training.  This week was my last week of winter break and I got in two workouts, four easy runs, and a long run.  The conditions were kind of tough running on roads but I was able to do it safely.  Until Sunday.

On Sunday I did a 1 hour, 55 minute long run which ended up covering 17 miles.  I started to have a bit of lower back pain during the middle miles so stretched out a bit but I don't think it's anything serious.  However, at about an hour and a half I was running down Bay Road, which is a main road in Easton.  I am usually told to run on the left side of the road to see traffic coming, however, I had been on the right side because I had just turned onto the road.  Next thing I know I was hit by a car in the elbow.  My elbow/forearm still hurt but not severely, and luckily it only hit the sideview mirror which shattered and flew off.  I am very lucky as this could have been a lot worse.  The past couple days I have been on the left side of the road and very cautious of vehicles.  For the record, I did end up finishing the last 25 minutes of the run, while the vehicle is now without a rightview mirror.  So, in my book the car got hit by me :). 

The day also didn't get much better from there as I had to watch the Patriots lose to the rival Jets.  Overall, a terrible Sunday.  I am now all set up back at Stonehill College and ready to get going with classes.

As far as the fundraising, we have been continuing to receive incredible amounts.  It has definitely slowed down a bit since the first couple weeks but is still slowly building.  We are close to $29,000 and with still over five and a half monts to go we are getting closer to our $35,000 goal.  Also, a reminder of the L O C O event on March 22nd, tickets are going fast and it should be a great event.  We expect this to have a fun, banquet feel and would love to have as many donors there as possible. 

Another piece of huge news has also come in this week.  The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) holds a charity golf tournament every year.  This year they have advised us that the tournament will be held in honor of Stephen Marcus with all proceeds going towards Crohn's Disease research.  An amazing act that is incredibly appreciated. 

Thank you to everyone as we hope the support continues to poor in.


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