January 10, 2011

Happy New Year's

High School Cross Country team after third place finish at State Championships.  From right, Mike Moverman, Jake Marcus,
High School Cross Country team after third place finish at State Championships. From right, Mike Moverman, Jake Marcus, Brian Cohen, Logan Fitzgerald, Kevin Clarke, Joe Curreri
I've been busy the last couple weeks for New Year's so wasn't able to post anything.  I did a lot of traveling by going to New York City for New Year's weekend and then went on a ski trip after it.

Two weeks ago my training was inconsistent due to all the traveling.  However, this past week was very good.  I followed Tim Cattogio's training schedule and did two workouts, three easy runs, a medium long run, and a long run.  My first workout was a 12x1:00 hill workout at Attitash Mountain.  It was pretty t0ugh seeing as it was my first hill workout in a very long time. 

The skiing at Attitash was very fun.  I wasn't all that great of a skiier so fell many times and left the establishment pretty sore.  However, I was able to get in a few runs with my former high school cross country teammates, Brian Cohen and Mike Moverman, whom were also on the ski trip.  It's always good to catch up with friends and see how they're doing.  Fun times on the ski trip.

The second workout was an 8x1/2 mile repeat training which I thought would be harder after the ski trip left me sorer than Grant Hill.  My intervals, which I did around my neighborhood, ranged from 2:35 to 2:20 for the last one and felt pretty good.  Today I did my long run which I figure is the most important element of marathon training.  I did 1 hour, 45 minutes and covered roughly 15.5 miles.

I was very happy with the week.  I was also very happy with the continued influx of money for the fundraiser.  We are currently only about $10,000 away from our new goal of $35,000 after only a month and we still have about six months to go!  The continued support is amazing and is greatly appreciated by the entire committee.  We are looking to be one of the top CCFA fundraisers, which would be incredible for our first year.  The committee was also able to discuss the L O C O fundraiser which will take place on March 22nd.  We're all looking to this as a nice celebration and a way to increase our numbers down the final stretch of fundraising.  Thank you to everyone for the support.  It has been amazing so far.





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