January 13, 2014

Starting 2014 off Strong

By: Jake Marcus
Happy New Year everybody.  It's been a while since I've posted on here but seems like a good time to give a quick update on Team Intestinal Fortitude's progress.
I just finished my first semester of law school this past December and am gearing up to start my second semester starting Wednesday.  I am currently at UMiami law school so am able to train in pretty warm weather running wise.
I have put in a couple of solid weeks of training and hope to maintain a consistent schedule as the course load begins to pick up.  For the next four months or so, there are basically two key races that I will be doing.  The first race is a couple weeks from now on February 2nd and it is the Miami Half Marathon.  The race actually finishes right near my apartment.   I haven't been in the racing circuit for over a year so I'm not sure what to expect but hope to get a pretty good time.  The big race on my horizon is the the Boston Marathon on April 21st.  I anticipate this will be a big race for the city of Boston.  I ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 when the temperature was in the 80's, and even though my time wasn't great it was a fun race.  However, I think this year it will be a great experience to run the Boston Marathon considering what happened last year and seeing the city of Boston rejoice.  Easton residents, Marty Weiner, Keith Weiner, and Meredith Keach will also be training for the Boston Marathon as part of Team CCFA.
We have our annual dinner event on March 13th, 2014 at Thorny Lea in Brockton.  This event continues to grow and this year we hope will be even bigger and better.  Tickets are available at the following link: http://intestinalfortitude.org/3/online_payment.htm. 
For fundraising, the support continues to be amazing - we are already above $35,000 raised for this year!  In the next few months we will continue to plan for the event and raise money for CCFA.  This is an exciting year and I personally cannot wait to run the Boston Marathon and see the city of Boston come together.  Hope everyone had a nice holiday season.


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