September 14, 2016

Chicago Marathon and Big News

Miami Distance Project
Miami Distance Project
By: Jake Marcus
Hey all,
It's been a while since I've reached out to you so I wanted to keep everybody updated on what's been happening lately and also some very exciting news.  In this blog, I'll discuss TIF's summer, my upcoming marathon, and some very exciting news regarding a race I was just accepted to run today!
First, I hope everybody enjoyed there summers and had a fantastic Labor Day as we look forward to the Fall and to watch the Patriots dominate every team that comes into their path.  Over the summer, the Young Professional's Group held a very successful annual event, the Night in White for the Cure, which raised a whopping $88,000 (beating the $72k goal) as the event was held at the New England Seaquarium.  I unfortunately missed the event but heard it was magnificent as TIF's own Brian Teague helped make this event terrific.
Second, I began my summer training on June 10th after an amazing experience on Birthright for ten days to Israel.  I recommend this trip to anyone who is eligible as I had a bar mitzvah, saw some amazing sites, and made some great friendships.  After the trip, it was time to take my training serious.  Because I was down in Miami for the summer, I had heard how horrible the humidity and heat is, and I witnessed it firsthand (it is as bad as people said).  However, the dreadful training was immediately mitigated by finding a great training group.  BAA runner, distance running coach, and someone who used to train in South Florida, Daniel Smith, got me in touch with a training group down here, which helped immensely in adapting to the conditions and making the training slightly more doable.  I can't thank Daniel enough for introducing me to the super fast Miami Distance Project, which consists of speed demons Elliott Mason, Scott Byers, Dino LaCapra, James Buchanan, Albert Pelaez, Ana Cadreche, and Caryn Lubetsky.  This group has made getting the mileage in so much easier than if I had to do it on my own and not to mention they're a cool group.
With that being said, I've been putting in the heavy training for the Chicago Marathon on October 9th, which will be my eleventh state to run a marathon in as I try to reach all 50 states eventually.  I am about three weeks out so am close to my taper but have held steady mileage for six weeks between 70-80 miles per week with a long run anywhere between 16-20 miles.  This marks one of my heaviest training cycles as I have also incorporated some track work and up tempo runs.  I'm very excited to go to Chicago for the first time and hoping for a big race with a goal of sub-2:40, only to celebrate Tom Brady's return (when the Patriots will be 4-0) after at some Chicago restaurants with some of my hometown buddies who are also running and staying near Wrigley Field.
Now for the big news that I just found out today... Team Challenge accepted applications up until this week because they had one race bib for the 2017 London Marathon.  My dad, Stephen Marcus, suggested I apply so I did and thanks to the good people at CCFA, TIF was selected to run the 2017 London Marathon!  The race is next April 23rd and as the representative for TIF, this will be my first International Marathon.  I am ecstatic as this will also be my fourth Marathon major out of the six (Boston, NYC, Chicago, London).  With that being said, a major reason why we chose to apply to London is because TIF is on the cusp of raising $1 Million as we currently have raised ~$955,000 since inception in 2010.  As we embark on the $1 Million campaign, we decided instead of picking another state, it'd be a great idea to go international as we really push for this goal.  I cannot thank CCFA enough for giving us the opportunity and I'll be sure to enjoy some fish n chips.  We are planning out the traveling but I'll be sure to follow up in the coming months.


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